Physician Revenue Navigators

Experienced revenue cycle management consultants working with health care providers across the industry, Physician Revenue Navigators seeks to attract health care CFOs and director-level executives. I work with PRN’s search engine optimization agency to ideate, research and create high-quality thought leadership pieces and other content about various aspects of revenue cycle management. Topics are heavily researched from leading health care intelligence and trend reporting firms, as well as my own health care account management experience.

Topics include:

  • ICD-10 preparation and transition
  • Payer-provider relationships
  • Strategies for increasing patient payment responsibilities and HDHPs
  • Duplicate records
  • Propensity-to-pay assessments
  • Meaningful Use
  • EHR transitions
  • HIPAA compliance and administrative simplification
  • Physician practice management
  • Revenue lifecycle management and optimization

Selected clips include:

Codes And Conduct: Maintaining Effective Relationships With Your Payers After The ICD-10 Transition

Let It Begin With You: ICD-10 Training for Physicians and Coders Reduces Rejected Claims

How Your Duplicate Patient Records Problem Is Crippling Your Revenue Cycle

No More Nightmares: Eliminate Duplicate Records in Your Master Patient Index for a Better Revenue Cycle

Filling Out Your Dance Card: Determining Which Revenue Cycle Management Partner Is Right For Your Practice