Pharmaceutica North America

A premier provider of active pharmaceutical ingredients and compounding kits to compounding pharmacies throughout the country, Pharmaceutica North America┬ástrives to be on the cutting-edge of digital content and visibility as well. I work with PNA’s search engine optimization agency to ideate, research, draft and publish high-quality thought leadership pieces in the world of compound pharmacology. All content is heavily researched from medical journals and trusted sources, cited, and written for a discerning audience of pharmacists and pharmacy operators.

Selected clips include:

Pennies and Pounds: How Expected 2016 Trends in Health Care Costs Will Affect Pharmacies

How Compounding Pharmacies Can Help in the Fight Against Opioid Addiction Rates in the U.S.

Hello, Doctor: Considering the Future of Pharmacies Influenced by Telemedicine

How FDA Implementation of the “Compounding Quality Act” Affects Compounding Pharmacies

Better Options for Patients: Compounding a Safer Topical NSAID Allows for Less Risky Pain Relief