Boulder Cork

I worked with Boulder landmark restaurant The Boulder Cork as their account manager and content specialist for several years while at Pivot Communication. The iconic restaurant had been a staple on the Boulder restaurant scene since 1969, and wanted to re-establish a clear brand and place in an increasingly crowded food scene. We worked together on modernizing their image to appeal to younger diners and shaping their messaging efforts across all channels to emphasize the creativity of their renowned chef, their pioneering of farm-to-table concepts in Boulder and all the ways the restaurant continued to innovate while remaining true to its storied heritage.

Tactics and activities included:

  • Email marketing, including building and maintaining email lists and workflows
  • Facebook strategy and content, including organic audience growth
  • Event promotion, including partnerships with wineries and distributors
  • Media relations for article and recipe placement – specifically with food editors, bloggers and the local farmers market
  • Content creation – including blogs, articles, brochures, copywriting for POS pieces and website
  • Responsibility for all website updates through the WordPress CRM
  • Managing a full website redesign project